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Aerial Tour First Availment

Up, up they go!

Here's one big HURRAY to the first guests who availed Club Ultima's Aerial Tour package. They definitely took their relationship to greater heights with a glimpse of the city's most unforgettable sights. 
Whether it's an anniversary, birthday or just an excuse to escape life's everyday hustle and bustle, our Aerial Tour packages will bring adventure to a whole new level.
Now that the "ber" months are at bay, go ahead and plan that perfect staycation with your buddies or someone closest to your heart.
Choose from different packages and book your tours now by contacting any of the details below. 
Trunkline: (032) 418 - 8888 / (032) 258 - 7254 </br>Mobile: 0905 2697 694 
Trunkline: (02) 812 - 4326 / (02) 812 - 8219 Mobile: 0905 3434 652

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