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Wang Shan Lo : prides itself on serving authentic Cantonese cuisine...

Cebu City, considered one of the most progressive cities not just the Philippines, but in Southeast Asia, is home to plenty of Filipinos of Chinese descent. With an ancestry like theirs, it comes to no surprise that the Chinese culture is so prevalent in the city.

Of course, with so many Filipino-Chinese in the city, there will definitely be a lot of Chinese restaurants catering to the community.

While there are so many restaurants serving Chinese food, very few restaurants can claim to offer authentic Cantonese cuisine.

One of these restaurants is Wang Shan Lo, a very excellent restaurant located at the 20th floor of Tower 2 of Club Ultima. At this height, the restaurant customers are able to have fantastic view of Cebu City, as well as dine on fantastic Chinese food.

Aside from its ala carte dishes, Wang Shan Lo also offers a sumptuos buffet composed of more than 30 different dishes.

Wang Shan Lo offers buffet during both lunch and dinner hours, with the lunch buffet costing P500.00 per person. At dinnertime, the buffet is priced at P650.00 but each customer gets a free glass of iced tea.

The restaurant prides itself on serving authentic Cantonese cuisine. Of course, this is only possible with a Hong Kong chef in charge of the kitchen, and at Wang Shan Lo, this is very true. Master chef Chow Wing Fat dishes out plate after plate of delicious dimsum and other traditional Chinese delicacies.

Dishes such as Chinese-style salt and pepper spare ribs, shaomai, pata tim, Yang Chow fried rice, bird's nest soup, sweet and sour soup are all available. Even hard-to-get items such a way that sections of the place can be closed off for private parties.

If you are very fond of Chinese cuisine, a visit to Wang Shan Lo should be in you plans for the immediate future.


Operating Schedule:

LUNCH BUFFET  : 10am to 2pm Daily

DINNER BUFFET : 6pm to 10pm Daily


Alternative Contact Information:

20th Floor, Club Ultima, Tower 2 Fuente Towers, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City, Philippines
Call Us : (+6332) 418-8888 Local #58 or #8334

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