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Dra. Roxane Mejarito

Our family exchanged to the Jockey Club in Las Vegas, Nevada and to Westgate Vacation Villas in Orlando, Florida last May 2014. The Jockey Club is a comparatively small hotel sandwiched between big and well-known hotels along the famous tourist destination, The Strip. 

Thus, it is the perfect location to explore the sin City. We spent more than three days just to stroll along the Strip as the hotels along it had their own form of entertainment to offer like moving statues, acrobatic shows, the Britney Spears Live show, and the gondola ride to name a few. From Las Vegas, we booked a day trip to one of the wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon in Arizona. After a tiring day of tours, it was comforting to go back to the quiet and peaceful Jockey Club. 

Our second week was spent in The Westgate Vacation Villas. It was also conveniently located near the theme parks such as Universal Studios and Disneyworld. Another advantage of staying here was the free shuttles it offered to and from the theme parks and even to the outlet stores. Thanks to The Interval, we had a great family vacation.

- Club Ultima Member, Dra. Roxane Mejarito

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